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Quick Start


You can use this project Hexo Theme Nexmoe Example as an example.

Before using Nexmoe, you should read Hexo Docs, finish installation of Hexo and Initialize your project by editing config.yml.

Install Nexmoe

Run the following command to install Nexmoe:

npm install hexo-theme-nexmoe

Use Nexmoe

Edit _config.yml in the root directory of your project. Change the value of the key named theme to nexmoe.

Configure Nexmoe

Edit _config.nexmoe.yml in the root directory of your project.

Run Nexmoe

Use the following command to run Nexmoe:

hexo server --debug


During service startup, watch the command line output for any exception messages, which will help others better locate errors if you run into problems.

When the command line outputs the following, it means that Hexo is listening on port 4000 on the local machine. Use your browser to access http://localhost:4000/ to check if the site is running correctly

INFO  Hexo is running at http://localhost:4000/. Press Ctrl+C to stop.


If you're having trouble using it, try searching through the documentation or raising an issue on GitHub

Update Nexmoe

Update Nexmoe by running the following command:

npm update hexo-theme-nexmoe

After updating, you should see what's changed in the changelog. And edit _config.nexmoe.yml to match the new version.

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